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Tenant Pool Membership Liberty Harbor- 2018 Application

Tenant Pool Membership Liberty Harbor- 2018 Application


Pool season will be here soon! Admittance to the Swim Club and 30 Regent pool in 2018 will require a member badge with photo ID which must be presented when visiting the pool. Each tenant must submit this form in order to receive their yearly badges. New tenants who have been at Liberty Harbor for less than a year will receive their membership for free. Please let us know if you're a new tenant when you fill out the application where indicated.


The pool will officially open on May 23rd at our Pool Party/ Barbecue as we celebrate the beginning of the summer season!


Step 1.- Fill out this Google Form. Any listed household member can apply. [LINK TO APPLICATION:]

Step 2.- Each tenant is requested to submit a membership fee of $10 for the season ($50 less a 'Good Tenancy Credit' of $40= $10). Payment can be made by:


(1) Filling out your CREDIT CARD information below - you will see a charge on your bank statement from Grand Street Property Management.

(2) Writing a CHECK, payable to Grand Street Property Management.

(3) CASH by visiting the Property Management office on Tidewater.


Tenants under the age of 5 are free.

Tenants between the ages of 6 and 17 receive a reduced rate of $7.00 for the season.

Tenants who have been living at Liberty Harbor for less than one year receive free membership.


Step 3.- Once the form has been received and processed by the Management team, you will receive an email confirming your application for membership to the Swim Club.


Step 4.- After receiving confirmation of your membership, you will be directed to your concierge or the Property Management office to take your photo and receive your badge. [If you lose your badge you will be charged $10 for a replacement].


Attention! When your lease expires, so will your membership card. You will need to contact Property Management once your lease has been renewed.


For any questions, please contact