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The Best Pool Accessories for Summer

Get Outside and Jump In

Summer is truly around the corner! The Liberty Harbor Pool Deck is opening on May 23rd. We have your guide to the best pool accessories and pool floats you need to make the most of the season. With warmer temperatures and longer days, you can relax and enjoy with loved ones.  

Pool Accessories for Fun in the Sun

Of course the pool itself is the star of the show when it comes to outdoor entertainment. But these pool accessories help transform a nice afternoon into a luxurious treat. Whether you’re headed to the beach or setting aside time for a staycation, do it in style with more than a paperback and a towel. Check out these ideas:

  • Pool and Beach Tote - The new summer season calls for a colorful and smart new bag. Look for something with compartments to store everything from keys to sunscreen.
  • Towel Clips - There are some accessories you didn’t even know you needed! But these clips make perfect sense when it comes to keeping your towel in place, especially in the wind.
  • Insulated Cooler Bag - A bag like this super cute watermelon comes in handy when carrying lots in one trip. Keep your snacks cool while you soak up the warmth outside.
  • Waterproof Speakers - For the techie or gadget geek in your life, choosing the best waterproof speakers is fun and everyone will benefit. Choose based on quality of sound, price and size.

The Best Pool Floats for the Season

Gone are the days of the plain old inner tube was the pool float standby. This season, pool floats are more than fun and practical. These pool accessories range from beautiful and stylish to funny and surprising. Not sure where to start? Try taking this quiz for fun and to get you in the mood. If you’re looking for a gift for a beach or pool lover, look no further than these ideas:

  • Whimsical food - Choose from chocolate-frosted donut, a huge pretzel or ice cream desserts. These colorful floats are almost as good as eating the real thing and won’t affect your beach body.
  • Birds and animals - From beautiful swans to magical unicorns, this season has every animal you could ask for in pool floats.
  • Clothing and summer symbols - A giant flip flop float or a Hawaiian shirt will make any pool look fun and colorful. Or you could go with a classy sun or seashell to relax upon this summer.

Games for All Ages

With the right games and pool toys, you can bring family and friends together in a way unique to summer. This year, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative fun in the pool, lake or even ocean. Pool accessories have reached new levels of ingenuity you won’t want to miss out on.

  • Fun kid games - Some of the best games don’t require any equipment at all. Start with classic Marco Polo and try new versions of scavenger hunts and freeze tag to get everyone involved.
  • Pool float games - Try relay races or team games that involve pool accessories like floats, balls and noodles.
  • Toys and accessories - From simple diving sticks to baby floats and catch games, you’ll want to stock up on some family fun toys.

Safety First

Finally, while you enjoy the sun and the water this year remember to play it safe. Keep a few rules of thumb when it comes to pool safety. Don’t ever leave kids unattended on pool floats and be sure that everyone you love is covered in sunscreen.  And remember to kick off the season with Liberty Harbor’s pool opening on Wednesday May 23rd from 6:30-9:30 PM at 30 Regent Pool Deck. RSVP by May 21st at