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Coffee Recipes to Make at Home

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy warm coffee drinks as the weather cools down. But anyone who’s made it a habit of buying daily caramel lattes knows can get quite expensive. Just ask the millenials who are apparently putting more towards their coffee habits than their retirement savings! With the right coffee recipes, you can make delicious drinks at home easily. So before you spend another $5 on the latest caffeinated concoction, learn what you can create in your own kitchen.

Know the Basics

Cappuccino, Americano or latte? Even daily coffee enthusiasts can get confused when it comes to all the espresso-based drinks. If you want to make coffee recipes at home, here’s some info to get you started.

  • Choosing types of coffee can be as simple or as complex as you want. The two main varietals are arabica and robusta. Then decide on what kind of roast you want and how much caffeine is right for you.
  • What’s the best way to store coffee? Most people know the answer is no longer the freezer, but experts say to avoid clear containers as well. Go for air-tight storage at room temperature.

A Passion for Coffee

If you love coffee and want to embrace it as a serious hobby, invest in an espresso machine. You can choose from basic to one with lots of accessories for steaming milk and tamping the grounds. Here’s how you can get the most from your machine.

  • Learn grinding basics. The size of your coffee grinds will result in different tastes of your coffee and various sizes correspond to different types of machines.
  • Technique matters. When you first begin making espresso drinks, you might encounter a little trial and error. Any barista will tell you that practice makes perfect.
  • Finally, regular care and maintenance of your machine will keep it running perfectly.

Fall Coffee Recipes Made Simple

But what if you don’t have the elaborate equipment? Yes, you can still make a cappuccino in your pajamas. Start with freshly-brewed coffee from your favorite coffee maker, and experiment with seasonal flavors.

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte - Imagine not having to wait. Bring some to work in your travel mug on the first day you feel like fall.
  • Salted Caramel Mocha Latte - Make this delicious drink for kids or non-coffee fans by substituting more milk in for a salted hot chocolate.
  • Mexican Mocha - A touch of cayenne pepper makes this rich blended drink the perfect choice on a crisp fall day.
  • Vegan Cafe Mocha - This low-sugar, dairy-free indulgence is easy to make and is a healthy alternative to many other versions.
  • Vietnamese Coconut Coffee - Sweetened condensed milk and coconut cream give this strong brew a unique taste. Serve hot or cold.
  • Turkish Coffee - If you don’t have a Turkish coffee pot, or ibrik, a small saucepan will do the trick. Finely-ground beans and cardamom make this drink smell and taste delicious.

Sip Your Way Through Fall

Take along your homemade coffee as you meander through an outdoor market or apple picking with the kids. It will save you money and better yet, you’ll know exactly what ingredients you’re consuming. When you decide on your favorites, bake some warm fall breads to enjoy with your mug of java.