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Vegan and Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

During the month leading up to Thanksgiving, there’s a big focus on food and getting together. When we think Thanksgiving, most of us think “turkey.” But within our diverse crowd of loved ones, friends and family, there are many who don’t eat traditional fare. This month features Thanksgiving recipes that won’t relegate our vegetarian loved ones to a couple of boring side dishes. With these delicious vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes, everyone has something to enjoy.

Main Course Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

No need to break out the tofurkey. These vegan and vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes are hearty and filling enough for a main course. They each have a fall feel, and you can build your menu around them.

  • Vegan meatloaf - Fill your food processor with mushrooms, onions and garlic for this delicious main dish. The vegan red wine gravy is the perfect complement for a cool evening.
  • Vegan vegetable stew - The best thing about this delicious stew is that you can change up the veggies in it depending on your mood. Plus it’s a great way to feature what you find at the farmer’s market so it’s super fresh.
  • Savory oatmeal with chickpeas and greens - We sometimes forget that oats are lovely outside the breakfast window. Use whatever greens you have on hand for a healthy and crowd-pleasing meal.
  • Kale and ricotta stuffed shells - This is a beautiful addition to a Thanksgiving table. Feel free to swap out the kale for some spinach if you prefer. Either way, the result is fragrant and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

The best side dishes are easy to bring along or make at home throughout the winter.

  • Stuffed acorn squash - This can be served as a side dish or an entree. The pomegranate seeds mixed with goat cheese and maple syrup make this a perfect Thanksgiving treat.
  • Haricots verts with shaved parmesan - These thin beans are a nice addition to the oranges and browns on the table. They’re super simple to make and go over well even with picky eaters.
  • Simple pumpkin soup - If you’re looking for an easy soup, here you go. Pumpkin soup is a big hit around the holidays, but you don’t need to start with chicken broth. Bonus: this soup looks like a work of art with a drizzle of cashew cream.
  • 4-ingredient eggplant balls - The roasted flavor of these eggplant “meatballs” is perfect for an appetizer or a side dish.


The great thing about vegetarian and vegan recipes for dessert is that they’re often healthy and they make use of interesting ingredients. And people wouldn’t eat them if they weren’t delicious! So this November, mix in a few of these twists on old favorites. Then sit back and watch the nonbelievers change their tune.

Food that Brings People Together

With many different eating lifestyles and tastes at Thanksgiving, these recipes focus on inclusiveness. Offering a wide variety of meat and vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes will make everyone happy, plain and simple. That way you can enjoy the leftovers together too. Plus, now that your mouth is watering, you might notice these recipes are pretty darn healthy. What more could you ask for?